Thursday, 18 June 2009

A few links about immigration

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  1. The support of illegal immigration will be astronomical to the American taxpayer, but not to the predatory employer and contractors who hire them. Say--YES--to e-verify! It will empty the workplace of illegal labor stealing jobs. Errors can be resolved at the Social Security office, where illegal workers wouldn't dare to go. Say--NO--to any AMNESTY. Last one was full of fraud and never enforced. The 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill is still on the books and just need a few amendments to strengthen it' s laws. The Special interest lobby wants to rescind it. Digest more of the facts and unbiased truth at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH, CAPSWEB, and ALIPAC. At AMERICANPATROL, learn about the massive upsurge on illegal alien criminal activity all across our nation.

    It's not about bigotry but about forced mandated taxes to underwrite illegal immigration. It's about waiting for the next hordes of foreigners, anticipating another BLANKET AMNESTY and ready to rush the border. Both sides of the coin have violent types, who take their activist attitudes to far. It's about massive waves of criminals, poor, uneducated and sick family unification--CHAIN MIGRATION-- that you will be the beneficiary too. INFORM YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMAN--NO--TO ANY AWARDS OR AMNESTY TO LAWBREAKERS.
    A traumatic example of runaway benefits to illegal immigrants, where City Councilor Andronivich states 11 billion dollars attributed to these families, that the state has nearly bankrupted itself with a 27 billion dollar crash. The special interest lobby try to force a face of bigotry or racism on any group that defies open borders and free trade. This has nothing to do with xenophobia. But everything to do with the RULE of LAW and the federal mandates forced on ordinary Americans to support the 20 million plus illegal immigrant invasion.

  2. I cannot say that I agree with you. Your suggested unbiased sources are very biased, and admit to being so.