Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chris Langham - Shrink Rap

Langham discusses being sexually abused as a child as well as the events that led to his conviction for downloading indecent images of children with clinical psychologist Dr Pamela Connolly. Conducted days after his release, this is a griping and tense interview. Given the press' fervour in reporting the allegations against him, it is refreshing to hear Langham give his side of the story with such remarkable frankness.
The British Comedy Guide offers a sample of press reviews of this episode of Shrink Rap and report that the programme had received no complaints, as of 16th January 2008. ‘News - Viewers back Chris Langham interview

You might also find this article by Carol Sarler of interest. It is quite provocative because it uses three very different men to support its case. It questions the treatment of celebrities in legal cases that relate to allegations of sexual assaults on minors. On the whole, there are some pertinent points. Using Matthew Kelly as an example to support her case works well. Using Jonathan King as an example to support her case on the other hand does not.

Although the article is right to claim that King was “questioned over allegations subsequently withdrawn [… which were] leaked to the tabloids” it neglects to mention that he was convicted for four indecent assaults and two other sexual offences on boys under the age of consent. The fact that the media spotlight on the unproven allegations may have helped to bring people forward to form a more robust case that would lead to his eventual conviction serves to undermine Sarler’s case. It also provides ammunition for those that wish to dismiss Sarler.

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