Sunday, 3 May 2009

A couple of links to Dave's Part.

Here are two posts from Dave’s Part - 'Atrophy: how the left blew its big chance.'
New Labour has from the start been gulled into intellectual stupor by its own self-delusional rhetoric. Convinced that it was indeed ‘the political wing of the British people as a whole’, it neglected even to renew the bases of Labourism itself.

Old Labour, by contrast, pulled up the drawbridge and refused to acknowledge that the last three decades were happening. As a combined result, the Labour Party is now so hollowed out that it could collapse at the slightest push.

The Marxist left, which prides itself on being the brains of the operation, for the most part retreated back to fundamentalism. There has been no attempt to come to terms with the need to put Marxist philosophy on a footing devoid of dialectics, for instance, or even to operationalise fully the essential concepts of Marxist economics.
On the Budget and the 50% tax rate - 'Return of class war. Not.'

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