Thursday, 14 May 2009

An appeal to right-minded people vote against fascists and racists.

The European Parliament elections use a proportional representation electoral system, which more accurately reflects voter intention. This means that the electorate is better able to vote more positively for whoever best represents their beliefs. There are fewer ‘wasted votes’ in this electoral system.  

Historically, the ‘big three’ only get around 65% of the vote. I hold that this is desirable overall, but that it also posits a very real threat of reflecting the undesirable voting intentions of the few.

Given the current disillusionment with politicians felt by much of the electorate, it is likely that turnout will be very low. This will benefit extreme political organisations like the BNP. In some constituencies, the threat of electing a BNP MEP is all too real. We ignore the threat at our peril.

The forthcoming European parliamentary elections are an opportunity to stand up for what you believe in and against what you do not. Vote to stop the BNP!

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