Friday, 15 May 2009

Vote Match

Vote Match is an application that calculates compatibility of your views to parties contesting in the European elections*. It told me a bit more about the parties that I would not vote.

Some selected low-lights

UKIP "The credit crunch was caused by over-regulation of the financial sector".

Plaid Cymru & SNP (Labour had no answer) "The EU should NOT significantly reduce the amount it spends on agricultural production subsidies"

Labour, SNP, Conservative, UKIP & Scottish Green Party! "EU Member States must be allowed to meet their carbon reduction goals by buying reductions from other countries."

SNP Conservative, UKIP (Labour had no answer) "The greenhouse gas emissions of cattle should NOT be considered in all policies designed to tackle climate change."

*It will ask which constituency you intend to vote in and which parties that you are considering voting for - if you select ‘all constituencies’ and ‘willing to vote for any party’ it compares the lot.

UPDATE - Vote Match & Me
My results for all the parties that Vote Match includes (excluding Jury Team) are:

Green Party
Plaid Cymru
Scottish Green Party
Liberal Democrats
Scottish National Party
Labour Party
Conservative Party
UK Independence Party

Plaid Cymru & SNP are deceptively high because opinions are counted rather than weighed.  I disagree with them on some issues that I think are particularly important, such as agricultural subsidies.  Mind you, Labour has no official policy on the issue - so they are not any better.  I would be surprised if many Labour voters took this test and found that Labour came top.  I am all about the greens this election.

Green Party Logo 2008

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