Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A few links about The Press, Politics & Animal Welfare

Some classic Littlejohn from Five Chinese Crackers

Chicken Yoghurt on the all too often overlooked issue of deportation & the hypocrisy of Gordon Brown in regards to hospices.

Enemies of Reason considers what to do with your BNP leaflet.
The smooth, shiny texture isn't really absorbent enough to wipe your arse with, and there's enough shit in the leaflet already without you needing to add to it. [...]

Incidentally, it was most welcome to see the Daily Mail calling the BNP "vile racists and thugs" today. Unfortunately, their readers appear to have disagreed with this assessment, if you care to have a look at the comments. Oh well, that's the price you pay for telling lies about immigration all the time...
Toynbee links this - but in case anyone missed it, Mark Reckons illustrates that the safer the seat, the more likely the MP is claiming for dodgy expenses.

In Australia there is currently a debate surrounding the welfare of horses involved in Jump Racing. A friend of mine, who is particularly concerned with animal rights, sent me a link to the video below. You might find it distressing.

RSPCA Australia & Animal Liberation have more information.

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